You no longer have to delay dental procedures

July 12th, 2018 | General Dentistry | 0 Comment

Dr. Pollak's Dental Discount Plan: As your dentist, (and as you've clearly experienced for yourself), I know the limitations of dental insurance. Let's face it: insurance plans are not generous in terms of coverage or reimbursement. Even worse, they are typically limited to a maximum coverage of $1500/year, which means that with just one filling and one crown you're maxed out. Many of my patients who have exhausted their coverage wind up delaying much needed ...


How to beat the odds by loving your job

April 19th, 2018 | General Dentistry | 0 Comment

In 2011, Business Insider published the following article, "The 19 jobs you are most likely to kill yourself." In 2015, Mental Health Daily published, "Top 11 professions with the highest suicide rate." In both articles (and actually all articles on the subject), my fellow dentists grab the not so enviable #3 spot! This was quite shocking to me as a Dentist - it got me thinking, first, if I had known a lot of dentists that committed suicide - but most ...