Dental Discount Plan

↓My Dental Discount Plan (DDP) designed to minimize dental procedure costs for both insured and uninsured dental patients.



To help both my insured and uninsured patients, I am pleased to introduce Our Dental Discount Plan (D.D.P.) 

As your dentist, I know the limitations of dental insurance. Let’s face it: insurance plans are not generous in terms of coverage or reimbursement. Even worse, they are typically limited to a maximum coverage of $1500/year, which means that with just one filling and one crown you’re maxed out. Many of my patients who have exhausted their coverage wind up delaying much needed dental procedures which only make matters worse and more expensive the following year.


Here’s how the plan works:

  • You pay an annual fee of only $199 to be a member for 12 consecutive months (not per calendar year like insurance plans). Additional members of the family pay $175/each.




Q. How do I become a member?
Call the office with your credit card info or stop by. Unlike insurance companies, there is NO maximum and NO limit to the number of procedures covered by my plan.

Q. Is there an enrollment period for D.D.P.?
No. You can join anytime and you’re a member for 12 consecutive months from the day you signed up (not a calendar year like insurance plans.)

Q. Should I stop my dental insurance plan if I become a D.D.P. member?
Absolutely not. While insurance plans have limitations, generally speaking, even the minimal amount that your carrier pays for is greater than the annual cost of your plan.

Q. What is the main difference between dental insurance and the dental discount plan?
D.D.P. only costs $199/each ($175/each for additional members of the same family) and covers you for 12 consecutive months (not calendar year). In addition to a comprehensive cleaning and x-rays you also receive a 20% discount off my lowest fee for every procedure. If you’ve maxed out your dental insurance coverage, D.D.P. savings on one crown alone will more than pay for your membership fee.

Q. What is the big advantage of being a D.D.P. member?
If you have insurance and you run out of benefits you no longer have to delay necessary dental procedures. Waiting for next year’s insurance to restart, in most cases leads to a worsening condition and a more expensive treatment (that will not be fully covered by insurance anyway). If you don’t have dental insurance, D.D.P. allows you to get treatment at a significantly reduced cost.

Q. I still have out-of-pocket costs even with D.D.P.’s big discount, what if I still can’t afford procedures?
Remember, with D.D.P. your out-of-pocket costs are significantly lower. However, you can also use CareCredit, the healthcare financing company, and pay off your procedure without interest if you pay off your balance within 6-9 months. Ask Carolyn or myself for details – many of my patients use CareCredit and our office is a participating provider.

Q. Is there an enrollment period for D.D.P.?
No. You can join anytime and you’re a member for 12 consecutive months.

Q. Can you give me a few examples of how much I will save with D.D.P.?
Of course, here are some common procedures and their related savings:

Regular Cleaning: $140 — D.D.P. Price: $112
One surface cavity: $200 — D.D.P. Price: $160
Wisdom tooth extraction: $200 — D.D.P. Price: $160
Crown: $1200 — D.D.P. Price: $960
Veneer: $1,100 — D.D.P. Price: $880

Q. What procedures are not covered by insurance but “are covered” by D.D.P.
The following is a list or procedures that are NEVER covered by dental insurance:
Bleaching/Whitening – covered by D.D.P. @20% discount
Porcelain laminate veneers -covered by D.D.P. @20% discount
Any other “cosmetic” procedures (like bonding, restoration, etc.) -covered by D.D.P. @20% discount
If a tooth was extracted before you started your plan, a bridge is not covered – my plan will cover your bridge and at a @20% discount
Re-doing fillings that are 2-3 years old – covered by D.D.P. @20% discount

Procedures that have a minimal or no dental insurance coverage:
Night guard – covered by D.D.P. @20% discount
Implant surgery (only partial crown coverage) – covered by D.D.P. @20% discount

If you have additional questions, please call our office team at (212) 682-3861 and we’ll be happy to explain.