Frequently Asked Dental Questions

Your questions about dental insurance, general and cosmetic dental procedures answered.

Frequently Asked Dental Questions (FADQs)

Dr. Pollak’s Frequently Asked Dental Questions.


Dear Prospective Patient,

We know that selecting or changing a dentist is a difficult decision. We want to provide you with as much information as possible to make your search a bit easier. However, we highly recommend that you stop by for a no-obligation consultation with Dr. Pollak. We want you to experience Dr. Pollak’s engaging, caring and friendly personality. Oh, did we mention that he’s an amazing dentist too? We are proud that 98% of our patients return to our office (the other 2% simply moved out-of-state). If we’ve not covered a question you have, or you want to meet Dr. Pollak, please schedule an appointment (click on the big logo and choose “Book Online.”)  Alternatively, you can call our office and speak to our friendly team: 212.682.3861

  1. How much do you charge for cleaning?

    • If you’re covered by insurance it is generally fully covered by your carrier.

    • If you don’t have don’t’ have insurance we have a new patient special for $99 and our own in-house Dental Discount Plan (D.D.P.)

  2. How much do you charge for fillings?

    • Fillings range by the number of surfaces which start from $200 for one surface to $300 for four-surface. Typically insurance will cover anywhere from 70%-80%.

    • What if I don’t have insurance? You’ll pay the above fees but for multiple teeth, we can offer you an easier plan after your consultation with Dr. Pollak.

  3. What insurance do you accept?

We are participating in-network PPO provider with the following carriers:

  • Guardian -PPO

  • Cigna-PPO

  • United Healthcare-PPO

  • Ameritas-PPO

  • Principal-PPO

  • Reliance-PPO

  • Assurant-PPO

  • Aetna-PPO

  • United Concordia-PPO

We accept all other PPO dental plans (but we are not in-network). We do not accept HMO plans

  1. What if I don’t have insurance?

    • For cleaning, we have a $99/special for a new patient. Subsequent cleanings are $140 each. Our cleaning is very thorough and you’ll spend an hour at our office including a personal exam by Dr. Pollak.

    • For all other dental procedures, we recommend a consultation (no charge) by Dr. Pollak first.

  2. Do you give discounts for cash?

    • For routine work no, but for major dental work, this can be discussed with our Office Manager. See also our Dental Discount Plan (D.D.P.)

  3. Do you give a discount for multiple fillings?

    • Depending on the extent of services after a consultation with Dr. Pollak. We want your dental experience to be a positive one, including your financial outlay. Dental Discount Plan (D.D.P.)

  4. Do you do crowns? 

    • Yes. We do both PFM (Porcelain fused to metal) and All-Porcelain crowns. Generally speaking, front teeth are All-Porcelain for aesthetic reasons. For back teeth, metal-supported porcelain are recommended

  5. Do you do Root Canal? 

    • Yes, we do in our office.

  6. Do you do implants? 

    • Yes, we do in our office.

  7. Do you treat gum disease?

    • Yes, we do in our office.

  8. Do you do offer teeth whitening/bleaching? 

    • Yes, we offer two kinds: a take-home kit that comes with a tray and gel, and an in-office bleaching procedure using a Biolase laser. The results of the take-home kit last only a month or two, suitable perhaps for a special event. The in-house laser procedure is more expensive, but the teeth are whiter and stay that way for 6-8 months.

  9. Do you do treat TMJ? 

    • No, but we can refer you to our oral surgeon partner

  10. I grind my teeth, do you do night guards? 

    • Yes. Soft and hard night guard decided after Dr. Pollak’s exam and consultation.

  11. What technique do you use to replace silver fillings? 

    • We use high-speed suction that eliminates mercury vapors and prevents inhalation of mercury.

  12. How long is your typical wait? Do you rotate among patients? 

    • We’re glad you asked. Absolutely NOT! Dr. Pollak does not practice what is known as “Rollerblade Dentistry” – in other words, Dr. Pollak sees one patient at a time and does not jump around multiple patients. We respect your time and commitment and will not make you wait.

  13. Do you offer dentures? 

    1. Yes, we offer standard and implant-supported dentures.

  14. Do you do offer porcelain veneers?

    • Yes. It is a two-visit procedure and we they are guaranteed for nine months against falling or cracking.